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Masama CTE

Learn the history and success stories of the Arabica coffee plantations

Ilkidinga CTE

Visit the indigenous Maasai community, learn their culture and daily activities

Dumbe CTE

Experience Bushmen trekking an adventure that gives you a deep insight of Hadzabe culture.

Chilunga CTE

Participate in village life of the Walugulu people-try traditional food and drinks.

Rungwe CTE

Relax on the shores of Tanzania’s third largest lake at Matema beach in the neighboring Kyela district.

Lutindi CTE

Discover some indigenous species of butterflies found only in Tanzania as well as plants and primate species.

Longido CTE

Longido is a Maasai land rich in birdlife such as Yellow Barbet, Masked Weaver, silver Bill.

Background of Cultural Tourism in Tanzania

Cultural Tourism in Tanzania has been developing since 1996, under the stewardship of the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) in collaboration with Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism (MNRT) and The Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). Cultural Tourism was initiated by youth in local community in Northern Tanzania. The product came as a result of Maasai youth group that was used to dance alongside the Northern safari road accessing Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti major tourist attractions in the area. During these volunteering dances, resulted to them been given a small change or tip for doing an interesting entertainment along the way.

As it became popular, the youth group realized that, they are losing by lacking formal way of selling their cultural product. The group decided to seek assistance from SNV who were by that time doing a number of development projects in the Maasai land. SNV contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and TTB to see how collaboration can be forged to develop the product. At the same time National Tourism Policy had stipulated community involvement in Tourism operation giving a room for various community-based tourism initiatives to be kick-started.


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